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Good News! Joseph got nominated for Emerging Choreographer in Hong Kong Dance Award 2018

Really honored to be nominated as Emerging Choreographer this year in the Dance Award, especially together with some great artists that I get to know in this generation.

If contemporary dance has to gain its values in the public's mind, new vision and energy has to be encouraged to bring changes within the system and industry. Thank you for the openness of the Award panel for their acceptance of different perspectives in dance. I truly believe in the potential of Hong Kong dance artists and creative team, we just have to be patient yet ready for the new age.

被提名舞蹈年獎新晉編舞,好像是一個人的事,但其實不然。若果沒有Cary Lee在中五時找我跳校際;沒有 Zoe Yeung這個由始至終都在舞蹈路上看著支持著的朋友 ;沒有 Passoverdance 新約舞流中的老師前輩和她們用心的作品讓我看到自己可以跳舞的可能;沒有父母支持我由會計轉到英國學舞蹈的決定;沒有 Unlock Dancing Plaza Yonglock Ong對我的支持和機會;沒有 周書毅一路上的陪伴;沒有無數給予過我力量、靈感、衝擊的藝術家和同代或不同代,舞蹈或非表演藝術背景的朋友。其實我不會走到這裡。係呀,我提名當得獎,都是值得開心的事,都是值得自己回看所有難得的機會與幸運的時刻。


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