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【Studio as a Playground vol.2】-- 身體的可讀性  readable context of our body

【Studio as a Playground vol.2】-- 身體的可讀性 readable context of our body



Last year in October, I held my first workshop in Taiwan in HORSE Dance Theatre, where I stayed for two-week residency and started the first phase of the research of my latest work. The two public workshops aimed at connecting professionals and sharing the recent research with them and see how that can be received from other movers. The notion of the workshop employs improvisation as the devising tool to discover body movements in a creative process, I placed much emphasis on the rational choreographic choices as well as the strong consciousness between the mind and body. It aims at extracting and realizing the possibilities of movement creation within the set framework of the logic. The workshop will develop based on the singular body state and how it can evolve with different forms and energy.

It was really inspiring to see Taiwan dancers moving to the fullest extent with their unique language, looking forward to coming back again!

Special thanks to HORSE Dance Theatre, Stella & Artists and Shu-yi.

photo: Chou

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