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Krakow|iCoDaCo 2018|Poland residency & premier|it will come later

it will come later.




My sense of time is completely distorted with different residencies in different cities, with different vibes around in the past weeks. Events and happenings seem to merge and overlap, and it comes to the 7th week of my Europe trip. I feel like I've been constantly adjusting myself into different positions, states, energy, ways of working and living--and that's exactly what the "constant" about, being sensitive, responsive, taking risks, supporting, offering, creating space, sending out clear direction, observing, keeping it easy, and smiling.

It wasn't easy for all of us to be part of this work, but at least for me, I started to learn not to cling on something that I like, but the value of the work itself; walking out of my comfort zone, not choosing the easy way out; having my own voice heard. I'm happy we've reached this stage but I know more hard works are needed when we meet each other again in March.

But for now, I'm happy to keep it there, I know I will need some time to digest everything that happened, but what is clear to me is the energy and things that I've gained in the process are going to stay with me, and I'm more than thrilled to go back and start my next creation soon. Thank you my dearest Icodaco - International Contemporary Dance Collective team. Take care :)

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