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Folding Echoes Spring Tour to Brisbane, Australia

My solo work Folding Echoes (2016) will be going onto tour for the 9th time, and this time, it brings me to Brisbane, Australia for the first time in my life together with two other works from two distinctive Hong Kong choreographers, Wayson Poon and Pik-Kei Wong. It will be presented as a triple-bill in Supercell: Festival of Contemporary Dance Brisbane in this April, super excited!

獨舞《回聲摺疊》將會在四月到澳洲的 Supercell Festival of Contemporary Dance Brisbane 與另外兩位香港編舞的作品湊成一台香港故事。這是作品第九次受邀至世界不同的平台和舞蹈節中作演出,亦是我首次踏足澳洲,非常期待!

photo: Steve Li @ June's Production

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