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A Photograph of Us

Performance Work

Creation 2019

​Duration: varies

Commissioned by Unlock Dancing Plaza


Body being others spectacle




Contemporary travel uses images as the primary form of documentation. Captivated by the sight of landmarks and cultural sites, one places oneself in it and captures the resulting image.


This work explores the developable spectacles of the body and the imagination captured by images taken during contemporary travel. It tries to explore a minute form of travel – to experience how corresponding movements trigger a sense of estrangement within confined space, as well as the hidden limitations and constraints behind an image. The distance between oneself and the world, as well as how the relationships with strangers are negotiated and readjusted in silence are reevaluated and redefined through different objects (eg mirrors, photographs and projectors). Ultimately, images in various mediums are used to reproduce a single moment in the course of a relationship being built. This becomes magnified, exported and showcased, and the interactions with many strangers are compiled and recorded in a series of images.

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