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Education and Training

The Place, London Contemporary Dance School                                                                     2013-2015

  • Master of Arts in Contemporary Dance


The Chinese University of Hong Kong                                                                                      2010-2013

  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Professional Accountancy


Professional Experience



《it will come later》by iCoDaCo 2018-2020

Choreographer and Dancer, Krakow(Poland), Stockholm(Sweden), Gothenburg(Sweden), Budapest(Hungary), Hong Kong, Edinburgh(UK), Wales(UK)


Nov 2018, March, April, July, Aug, Sep, Oct 2019

《The World Was Once Flat》by Joseph Lee

Choreographer, Macau, Hong Kong, Seoul(South Korea)

*Commission by Stella & Artists(Macau), TaiKwun(Hong Kong)


To Each His Own City, Macau

The Message Behind The Wall by 198491, Hong Kong

HOTPOT 2018, Seoul

Aug, Sep, Oct 2018 

《ON VIEW: HONG KONG》by Sue Healey

Performer, Hong Kong

Nov 2017

《The Act of Believing》Work-in-progress by Joseph Lee and Akiyoshi Nita

Choreographer and Dancer, Hong Kong

Nov 2017

《The Way Horse Talk; The Path We Walk》Work-in-progress by Joseph Lee and Akiyoshi Nita

Choreographer and Dancer, Tokyo(Japan)

Mar 2017

《Confession Ain't Solo》by Joseph Lee and Alex Yiu

Choreographer and Dancer, Hong Kong

*Commission by the Hong Kong Arts Festival (Contemporary Dance Series)

Feb 2017

《Simon Says》by Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh

Dancer, France, Hong Kong, Guangdong(China)


Festival Pharenheit 2017, France

Le French May 2017, Hong Kong

Guangdong Dance Festival 2017, China

Jan, June, Nov 2017


《A Short, Thick Rainbow》by Namstrops

Collaborator, Hong Kong, Seoul, Japan, Macau


Love As Much As You Dance Festival, Tokyo, Japan

Comic Dance Festival 2017, Seoul, South Korea

Macau City Fringe 2018, Macau

Movement Art in Miyazaki 2018, Miyazaki, Japan 

Dec 2016, March, June 2017, Jan 2018


《Folding Echoes》by Joseph Lee

Choreographer and Dancer, Hong Kong, Mainz(Germany), Beijing(China), Guangdong(China), Fukuoka(Japan),Edinburgh(UK), Brisbane(Australia)


re:do/ Joseph Lee/ KT Yau, Hong Kong

International Performance Festival 2017, Mainz, Germany

Beijing Dance Festival 2017, Beijing, China

City Contemporary Dance Festival 2017, Hong Kong

Guangdong Dance Festival 2017, China

Hong Kong Dance Exchange 2018, Hong Kong

Fukuoka Dance Fringe Festival 2018, Japan

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018, UK

Supercell: Contemporary Dance Festival Brisbane 2019, Australia

Hong Kong Festival 2019, Shanghai, China

Sep 2016, Apr, July, Nov 2017, Jan, Feb, Aug 2018, April, Nov 2019

《Pardon…Pardon?》by Joseph Lee

Choreographer and Dancer, Seoul

July 2016

《It tastes like you》by Joseph Lee

Director and Choreographer, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada, Scotland(UK), Paris(France)

Aug, Nov 2016, June, July 2017, Feb 2018

《Never-never land》by Chou Shu-yi and Ong Yong Lock

Rehearsal Master, Hong Kong, France


Festival Pharenheit 2018, France

April 2016, Feb 2018

Unlock Dancing Plaza

Apprentice, Hong Kong


《The Other End》by Joseph Lee

Choreographer, Hong Kong

July 2015

《Urban Bottling》by Pewan Chow

Dancer, Hong Kong

June 2015

《Bolero》by Ong Yong Lock

Dancer, Seoul, Malaysia, Singapore

April, November, December 2015

《Boy Story.Reborn》by Ong Yong Lock

Dancer, Hong Kong, Taiwan

April 2015, Dec 2016

《Polaris》 by Crystal Pite

Dancer, (Sadler’s Wells) London

Oct 2014

《Partial People》 by Joseph Lee

Choreographer, London

Mar 2014

《Pardon? Pardon…》by Joseph Lee

Choreographer, London

Nov 2013

《Walkalong》by Pewan Chow, Elaine Kwok, Cally Yip and Joseph Lee

Dancer and Choreographer, Hong Kong

July 2013

《Solo Act II》by  Pewan Chow

Dancer, Hong Kong

Nov 2012

Awards and Recognitions

  • 2017 Arts Development Award for Young Artist

《It tastes like you》(Dance Video)

  • 2018

  1. ​Selected in Ciné-Corps : Séance spéciale "Chine", Paris, France

  • 2017

  1. Selected in Festival of Recorded Movement 2017, Canada

  2. Selected in Perth Dance Festival - Screendance Award 2017, Scotland

  • 2016

  1. Selected in Taiwan South Film Festival 2016

  2. Selected in Jumping Frame International Dance Video Festival 2016 (Audience’s Choice Award)



  • 2016

  1.  Chin Lin Foundation of Emerging Choreographer at World Dance Alliance Asia-Pacific Showcase 2016

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