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Confession Ain't Solo


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(Photo: Ziv Chun)

Confession Ain't Solo


*commissioned by Hong Kong Art Festival 2017

**part of the Contemporary Dance Series programme Dance Off

Dance/ Sound Art Collaboration 

Creation 2017

​Duration: 15 mins





Confession Ain’t Solo is a contemporary dance work collaborating with sound artist Alex Yiu, exploring the unique, yet important behaviour of human being, confession, which leads to the complex discussion about the power dynamics between the one who confesses and the one who receive the confession; the necessity of seeking forgiveness in many western religious philosophies; the notion of Original Sin; the phenomena of people being forced to confess.


Yiu uses 10 cassette players to record the dancer's sound live and then play in loops in order to create an accumulated, unique and interwoven soundscape offering the space and emotions for the dancer to react to. The sound produced includes abstract vocalization, as well as text with certain cultural implication regarding sin, confession and apologies. It also portrays the state of our body in the situation of apology and confession in the midst of ever-changing soundscape in the surrounding. Reflexivity of sound and language produced and the control of the soundscape by Yiu simulates the process of confession as a performance under certain.


Hong Kong Jockey Club Contemporary Dance Series


Dance Off

2017, Feb 24-26, 8:00pm
2017, Feb 25-26, 3:00pm


Black Box Theatre, Kwai Tsing Theatre

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