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Duo Dance Work

Creation 2019

​Duration: 25 mins

Drifting explores the state of liminality of the body and the way we perceive our consciousness through the lens of post-human, which leads to the question of the connection between mind and body. Dance, in some occasions, serves as a vehicle to navigate our consciousness from one state to another, and how other artificial devices, such as video games, are invented to be a modern alternative, providing space and tools for human being to project their consciousness through virtual reality.

This is a work that invites the audience to look closely into the idea of being on the vague edge of virtual and reality, and the space within our body and mind, the state of ecstasy and liminality.


Wandering off from the daily rituals, we drift together.

編舞及舞者 Choreographer/ Dancer:

李偉能 Joseph Lee

創作舞者 Devising dancer:

張利雄Holmes Cheung

DJ及現場電玩玩家 DJ and live game player:

劉曉江 Lawrence Lau

排練助理 Rehearsal assistant:

譚雪華 Sharon Tam Suet Wa

主辦 Presented by:
康樂及文化事務署 Leisure and Cultural Services Department

製作 Produced by:
香港舞蹈聯盟 Hong Kong Dance Alliance


Director: Wong Fei Pang

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