(Photo: Steve Li @ June's Production)

Folding Echoes


Solo Dance Work

Creation 2016

​Duration: 40-45 mins


How do we deem the world? How does the world define our perception of it?

What does it mean by norm/regularity/understanding? Can I still create anything in a known world?


“Joseph Lee gets the pad-special-award for extra strong presence on stage, highest energy of acting, interactive depiction power and absolute physical precision!”
--International Performance Festival, Mainz, Germany






Folding Echoes is a solo dance piece exploring the way contemporary dance performance being seen, interpreted and comprehended, especially in a theatre setting in modern society.


If you feel like you didn’t understand some aspects of contemporary dance, Joseph Lee explains it to you. As in a lecture-performance he connects his ironic treatise about communication in contemporary dance with extravagant solo dance inserts. The whole performance tries to build up the logic between symbols in the theatre, language used, sound and lighting design, and then to disconnect the links among them from time to time to distort the logic that we conceived earlier, thus, creating another layer of cognitive logic to the audiences.


The materials in the work include the possible meanings of movements, relation between light, sound and space, as well as the gender issue which is broadly-talked-about, but everything points to the theme of ambiguity of our cognitive experience, which could be different among each individual. “Echoes” as in the title refers to the experience that the audience would experience once they enter the theatre, and when they started to question about the unexpected choreography choices, they initiate the inner conversation with their past experience, almost like echoes with themselves.


Touring Schedule

Festival Hong Kong

Shanghai, China


Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018

Edinburgh, UK


Guangdong Dance Festival 2017



Beijing Dance Festival 2017

Beijing, China


International Performance Festival 2017

Mainz, Germany


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編舞及演出 Choreographer & Dancer:

李偉能 Joseph Lee

聲音設計 Sound designer:

羅成軒 Hin Lo

音響系統設計Sound system designer:

李樂勤 Jonathan Lee

燈光設計及執行 Lighting designer:

黎子瑜 Lai Tze Yu

Touring Images (2017-2019)

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