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(Photo: Cheung Chi Wai)

It tastes like you

Dance Video 

Creation 2016

Duration: 7 mins

It tastes like you 嘗試探索煮食,味覺,回憶與人的關係,展示人在日常生活當中每個牽動記憶的時刻,以及那無法避免的"孤獨感"。每次進食的經歷或多或少都跟過去的經驗重疊或交錯,無論是熟悉或陌生的味道,總是直接而強烈地給予你感官上的刺激,打開回溯記憶的通道,再次經歷與那個味道相連的時刻,記憶又再次在一瞬間確切地存活了一遍,以及記憶中的人。而煮食就是創造味覺體驗的過程。







It tastes like you tried to explore the abstract relationship between cooking, taste, memories and emotions, revealing the moments when memories are recalled in daily routines and the inevitable solitude.


The work emphasizes the ritual nature of cooking, with the body gestures, specific living room space, the repetition, the concentration and the state of body. All of these reveal the connection with the body and the inner space of the mind during the cooking process and how this connection further provoked humans imagination and recalled memories.


Monotone is used throughout the piece to guide the audience to visualize the action, but later on when the sound is totally mismatched with the actual action, it loses its meaning while allowing bigger rooms of imagination.   

Kitchen, at the end, is the place where we weep, choose, heal, recover, age, think, cleanse, create food, sometimes kill. Women spend so much of their lives in this space, and it deserves to be looked at, closely. To hear, to witness and to feel through the image to the corner of their heart.

Touring Schedule

Perth Dance Festival - Screendance Award 2017

Scotland, UK


Festival of Recorded Movement 2017



Audience's Choice Award, Hong Kong


(Experimental), Taiwan


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導演及概念 Director & Concept:

李偉能 Joseph Lee

攝影 Cinematographer:

李偉盛 Shing Lee

李昊 Steve Li

演出 Performers:

陳曉玲 Gabbie Chan

趙靖雯 Tiffani Chiu

黃杜茹 Sabrina Wong

伍美宜 Emily Ng

李嘉雯Carmen Li

剪接 Editing:

李偉能 Joseph Lee

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