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(Photo: Steve Li @ June's Production)


Solo Dance Work

Creation 2016

Duration: 9 mins

Pardon...Pardon? 這個獨舞作品建基於人在使用言語溝通時無法超越的部份。作品起源自在倫敦唸書時對於陌生語言於自己的恐懼,縱然對方希望溝通的本意仍在,語言之間的隔閡卻無法讓雙方對話,卻裝作明白。



Pardon...Pardon? is a solo dance piece based on the idea of imperviousness of human communication with verbal language. It was inspired by the personal experience of inability to talk to people in a foreign city and the way that I chose to pretend that I was still in the scene.


Hence, this solo dance lingers on the line between "performance" and "being present", which creates a strong sense of frustration, urge, hesitation and doubt. And the process goes on and on in a circle to repeat itself, showing the repetitive nature of daily life routine and the frustration created.

*This performance is awarded the Chin Lin Foundation of Emerging Choreographer at World Dance Alliance Asia-Pacific Showcase 2016

Touring Schedule

Miyazaki Festival

Miyazaki, Japan


World Dance Alliance Asia-Pacific Showcase 2016



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編舞及演出 Choreographer & Dancer:

李偉能 Joseph Lee

音樂 Music:

Aurora by Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto

燈光設計及執行 Lighting designer:

黎子瑜 Lai Tze Yu

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