(Photo:Daphanie Wong and Ken Leung @ Cyan Production)



Duo Work-in-progress 

Creation 2015

Duration: 45 mins

重塑是與本地另一位舞者梁儉豐在Unlock Body Lab中合作的計劃,旨在探索新生代的身體可能性以及兩個不同舞蹈背景的創作者如何介入和推動對方在身體及舞蹈上的思考。



Remoulding is a collaboration with another local dance artist Kenny Leung under Unlock Body Lab, aiming to explore the possibilities in our body as the new generation in the dance scene and how we can interfere as well as pushing each other in terms of the ways we perceive our body and dance.


I was trained in conventional modern dance techniques, including Limon, Cunningham and releasing techniques; while Leung was trained in traditional Chinese dance and later one modern dance in Taiwan. These two different bodies investigated the intention of movements, sense of space, partnering work, habits in dance, past experience of the body and perception of dance in one and a half month. After that, we structured a studio showing and discussion in studio of Unlock Dancing Plaza, trying to gather different voices in the local dance scene and share our findings with them.

概念及演出 Concept &Performer:

李偉能 Joseph Lee, 梁儉豐 Kenny Leung

燈光設計及執行 Lighting designer:

黎子瑜 Lai Tze Yu

行政製作 Producer:

李漢廷 Michael Li

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