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note 2

Practice the flow through spine, movement traveling through spine, ease of your hip joints and KNEE joints, keep them soft and available , really sensitive feet.

When you do improvisation, about the meaning of movements we kinda mentioned last time, I think you can see it from another perspective. e.g. the significance of a posture, a movement, a pattern of movements, the pathway, the energy, the intention, and the performance of even one movement.

Try to embrace the unknown, unfamiliar and abstract.

Notice and acknowledge when you find yourself repeating your habits. Be conscious about what you do, how you maintain it or change it or deliberately keep it.

Sometimes be soft, be subtle, use your breathe a bit more, be imaginative.

LISTEN to others, and yourself.

Expand yourself as in a wide spectrum, practice from one extreme to another.

photo: Chou

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