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it will come, perhaps, much later|iCoDaCo 2018|

photo: Katarzyna Machniewicz

While I was still drafting this log about the tour in Edinburgh, it happened to me that it became the last stop for me of this work, and the project.

I injured my knee during the premier of my new work Drifting, and would need some treatments and rest before I can perform on stage again. It was 4am in the morning when I got up and caught a cab in Edinburgh from the apartment to the airport last month, and we said goodbye and see you in two weeks in Wales the night before. For the whole night and we sat down in the kitchen and chatted about the process, the work and the collective. I am glad that we did it.

If the subject of the project is "transformation", I feel like we did go through a journey of transforming, from the production side to the creative side, and the work never truly settled, which keeps it alive at the same time. I am always grateful to be part of the ever-changing process, and the things that I've learnt in this collaboration completely changed my perspective.

Two more weeks of tour in Wales, even though I won't be there physically, I'm still with you in another form, another place, another time. I'm sure our next encounter will come, just a bit later.

這兩年期間與iCoDaCo的隊友一起合作及巡演作品it will come later。由六個人的作品變成五個人的作品,最後換上其中的一人。由於受傷,無法見證作品最後的模樣。將至,或者要等更久之後才會到達。演出的五十分鐘光景很快過去,但外面的路還是很長。我想我會很記得這個作品在這個時刻出現在生命當中,透過理解而站在一起,為比自己更大的東西努力著。

photo: Joceyln Tam

photo: Joceyln Tam

photo: Katarzyna Machniewicz

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