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I started this creation with my team in January 2019, eight months before the premier of this 25-minute work. It never stops growing from day one, and never stays the same.

We have said something like, "I think we've got the work!" like 20 times in the whole process. However, it never marked the end of the creation in any sense. Things that worked for the first time didn't feel right later on. Sometimes depressing, yet exciting most of the time to allow ourselves to dive into the unknown. We keep on looking for the new languages of the body, the space and sound, hoping to offer spaces for imagination and association to arise on its own.

(photo: tommytfortwo)

This is a work that invites the audience to look closely into the idea of being on the vague edge of virtual and reality, and the space within our body and mind, the state of ecstasy and liminality. Wandering off from the daily rituals, we drift together.


Choreographer/ Dancer: Joseph Lee

Devising Dancer: Holmes Cheung

Performer/ Digital and Sound Designer: Lawrence Lau

Rehearsal Assistant: Sharon Tam Suet Wa

Costume Designer: Toby Crispy @Fashion Clinic Lighting Designer: Bert Wong

Produced by Hong Kong Dance Alliance

Presented by LCSD

13-15 September 2019

Kwai Ching Theatre, Black Box Theatre, Hong Kong

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