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Joseph received Arts Development Award for Young Artist (Dance) 2017


若果當年我在中七時編的舞在校際比賽時她沒有給我一個編舞獎,我不會到Passoverdance 新約舞流​上課學跳舞;若果我沒有看到她編的《歸途》,我不會認為自己日後都可以站在台上成為一位舞者;若果在大學二年班的時候她沒有鼓勵我創作,我也許不會繼續不斷的在編舞的路上找尋自己的聲音。她對於香港舞蹈界的貢獻是實至名歸的;在我而言,她有著比這個獎項更重大的意義,在我人生的路上,藝術的途中。今天的獲獎,有一大部份是來自於她的,希望沒有失禮老師。當然亦有很大的部份來自於路上一直支持鼓勵我的朋友、前輩、家人。自問自己的際遇很順,亦遇到很多啟發著我的人,都一一推動著我。感謝感謝。


Truly grateful for having Pewan as my teacher, who constantly inspires, motivates, challenges, supports me as a student, friend and dance artist.

I wouldn't start taking dance class if she didn't give me the choreography award in the interschool dance competition when I was 18; I wouldn't imagine myself to be able to perform on stage as a professional dancer if I didn't see her work "Homecoming"; I wouldn't continue to question and looking for meanings in dance through choreography if she didn't recognize me and encourage me to make my own work and provide a platform for a student in uni.

For that, I'm thankful and proud to be her student.

Of course, I have had a really smooth path in career in Hong Kong once I enter the circle, and there are many more people I have to thank for their continuous support, trust and help. This award is dedicated to all the people around me who have once recognize this young man's dream.

And I hope that I can bring it in along my path to go deeper and boarder in dance and art, enabling the next generation to have a better vision and future.

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