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The World Was Once Flat|SiDance 2018|HOTPOT: Greater China

Carried our luggage from Tai Kwun to the airport. Spent almost four hours on the plane. Slept. Woke up. Checked in hotel. Rest for another two hours. Rehearsal. Technical session. Spacing. Washing costume. Day 1.

Warming up in the second day in this well-lit studio followed by a dress run-through. Performed at 4pm in KOCCA Multi Content Testbed.

Once again we need to adjust everything in the new space. It was, for sure, very challenging for the performers to get used to the new space, new environment, new structure, new perspective. But we did it, with our best effort.

Thank you HOTPOT for presenting my works in two consecutive year, and bring me to some old friends to chat about the development of my practice. Thank you my team for their endless support and endeavors. Action speaks louder than words. It's somehow very important to hear feedbacks and taking them into account when I move on to the next stage of this work. I'm going to put this work aside for now to prepare for the next adventure of iCoDaCo 2018, another challenge this year. Excited!

Photo: Sunny Xie

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