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Joseph's Spring Tour

(photo: Chou)

Joseph started off his 2018 by performing his first half-length solo work Folding Echoes in the Hong Kong Dance Exchange, and this solo was then selected by Fukuoka Dance Fringe Festival 2018! That completed his Spring tour of three weeks with a perfect round trip from Japan.

(photo: AYANO. SO)

He will be performing with Unlock Dancing Plaza and the amazing Namstrops from Japan for the energetic Short, Thick Rainbow in Macau Fringe Festival, as well as to Miyazaki,Japan their hometown for two shows.

What comes next would be the tour of Never-never land, the legendary duet between Taiwanese dance artist Chou Shu-yi and Ong Long Lock, to the FESTIVAL PHARENHEIT at Le Have, France as their rehearsal assistant.

Of course, the tour would be ended with his own solo work Folding Echoes in Fukuoka Dance Fringe Festival in Fukuoka, Japan. Gonna be a fun, recharging, energy-exchanging and exciting time to explore the world with dance, can't wait to take off!

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