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Workshop for The World Was Once Flat

In order to further investigate the possibility of the research that I've been working on for The World Was Once Flat, as well as sharing it to local artists, I've led two days of workshop devised from the materials and form in the piece.

It was so lovely to see how different bodies take on different approach towards the same task, and it inevitably reveals the traits of your own history in the body, also your thoughts, mindset, strategy, the connection and awareness, sensitivity. Allowing me to carry on with new energy in the room. Expanding what I have in my pocket by just observing, reading one's body, as well as mine.

Big thank you to those who dedicated themselves in the process, the generous sharing of your journey within, the beautiful concentration and openness.

photo: Michael Li


|New Commission for Tai Kwun Dance Season |

【The Message Behind The Wall by 198491】 "The World Was Once Flat" by Joseph Lee "Bird-Watching" By Wong Pik-kei "Confine" by KT Yau Dates and time: 4-7 Oct | 8pm Location: F Hall Studio at Block 17 and Prison Yard Price: $260

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