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a new project with new people in a new place

September 27, 2017

thanks to HORSE Dance Theatre in Taiwan to support the first phase of my new project with some new faces, so I can finally work on other dancers after two years. 


To be honest, it is scary.


Sometimes you know what you want, sometimes you don't, and even more often in a collaboration, there are things that you are unsure about. Those materials seem great, you just don't know if they fit, how they fit in, if that could work, if you have to stick with what you have in mind. Making decision ain't easy.


It's fun anyways to see how others to embody your idea into their body and transform it into something you didn't expect. I'm, still, excited to see how that goes, but we surely enjoy what we are doing and creating here. New journey with great beginning!


Premiere in Macau in 2018 August. 


photo: Chou






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