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Marketing Seminar at where it all began

It was my pleasure to be invited by Professor Kenneth Lee to have a talk in the marketing seminar in CUHK, the university I was in. It was actually my first time to give an hour talk on dance to the public (and first time in lecture theatre 1!). Those young faces just reminded me the time in the business school, just so much memories flashed back.

And I just wanted to take that chance to share art and dance with them, trying to open up a new perspective in life to them, something to connect to their own life no matter what they choose to do later on. Truly thankful for having me and all the attentive students, as well as the challenging questions at the end. It wasn't as easy as it might seem but we just need to take on the challenges in life as we go on.

"From Moving to Being Moved"

Photo: Dylan Chen

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