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thoughts about freedom in dance

The question of what freedom is like in dancing, or our lives in general comes to me lately, quite a lot. How do we, as a performer, conceive the ideas from another mind and embody that into our being on stage, being watched has always been a question whenever I'm creating works on others or being part of others work.

I wonder how powerful the restrictions suggested by any verbal means are through the articulation of thoughts, the instant imagination and boundaries we tend to give ourselves, and that grows with repetition, together with boredom and loss of meaning.

There's only a few of the people that can constantly look for their ownership within the boundaries, and they live in that moment, every moment. Finding their own reason to be there. And at that moment, you are able to see their presence, regardless of the circumstances.

When it comes to the moment that you open up a new angle to the same thing, you remember that, let it settled in your mind, as it's the moment that you stretched your capacity, the freedom that you created for yourself, and it will become part of you.

Photo: Gabriel Leung

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