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Uddevalla|iCoDaCo 2018|Sweden residency

How do we want the work to be?

How do we see ourselves, our bodies in the work, in the space?

How do we imagine the space and light would be?

How do we come up with a direction that we all agree upon, or most people do?

How do we navigate transformation?

Is transformation the trigger point or the statement that we are trying to act on? Or is it a manifesto of us 6? Or even more?

Do we transform?

Does the space or the meaning transform?

Are we providing a tripping experience?

What do we expect the piece to do with the audience?

Can we provoke anything in the spectators?

Are we investigating the form or the core?

Do our interests align? Does it matter?

Why we six? How do we acknowledge that?

Are we on the same page?

Are we in our comfort zone?

Do we wanna show individuality or collectiveness? Can they co-exist in the work? and in the process?




God dag.

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